Brands Hatch - Final Round
Friday brought horrendous weather, Brands was in a cloud with rain and very poor visibility. Taking this into account and weighing up the pros and cons, the predicted cons far out weighed the pros taking into account knowledge of the weather improving thorugh Saturday and Sunday, so the decision was made to skip practise and use the settings from earlier in the year.
I was nervous going into the Saturday qualifying as the track has just dried, I soon got into my rythm giving me a place at the top of the table, unfortunately dropping to 4th at the very end of the session.

Going into the race it was hard to make a plan as I was unsure who had pace due to the lack of dry track time.
Turned out it was just myself and Joe Collier that had the pace, I got a good start and made sure I was aggresive on the first couple of laps and we were able to gap the rest of the field, we both got into a rhythm together until a shower started for a couple of laps when it was finally red flagged.
"2nd place podium giving me the 10th podium of the season" 
Woke up on Sunday to a freezing, cold, damp, tricky track for a warm up. Once again knowing the weather was going to be a complete turnaround for the race, we decided to sit it out.
I went into sundays race calm and confident after knowing what I was able to do on Saturdays shortened race. For the whole race once again Joe and I were on the back of the full Super Sport bikes. I really wanted to mix in with them but the length of the track and straights allowed the faster bikes to ease away but i still managed to finish ahead of the next Evo Bike by over ten seconds.
The race was fantastic! A 2nd place and another podium to finish off a good year. 

Please keep checking for updates of our progress for my 2016 season and for opportunities to get involved.

Heading to the last meeting of the season
I think the last time at the Brands was very positive for us, since then we have continued to develop the bike and set up. So going into this weekend I am excited and have everything crossed that the weather holds out, a repeat of Silverstone would be a great way to end the 2015 season. I am fully fit again with the ribs that I broke on September 6th at Oulton Park giving no problems at all. Brands will also be the launch for my 2016 campaign so if you are spectating and to come and look at me and the team, come up to the paddock and grab a cuppa with us.  

Silverstone is a track that's fun to ride but I have struggled to find a place there in past. The weather forecast predicted good weather for the whole weekend, I couldn't believe it, It cheered me up. My 2 sessions of practice on Friday left me in despair and struggling to find a set up. Luckily Me and Mark Sadler from GoRacing Developments were able to put heads together and put together a prime set-up for the qualifying on Saturday morning. In the qualifier I finished first in the Evo class putting me in pole position for the sprint race in the afternoon.

So here I was sat on the grid remembering how bad my start have been so far this season, hoping that I could change that for this race. During the race I worked my way through the pack until I took the lead from Marshall Neil hoping I could close the gap for the remainder of the race, unfortunately this didn't happen. Marshall and I were locked together with me leading the race, until the last lap when we were mugged by Joe Collier and found myself back in third place without a chance to fight back.

A podium and a 3rd but I was not ecstatic.

Due to my fast lap time I had secured second place on the grid for Sundays race.
The buzz of the Sunday race day arrived, warm up gave me a few big moments which worried me for the race, but I was assured that it was due to the low temperatures of the track.
Time for the main race, I took my place on the grid. "Go" I had a plan which panned out perfectly, basically it was to stick with the leader and then overtake when I had my chance leaving no time for a comeback.
This time it was me who mugged the leader.
During the race I had to remind myself to stick to the plan a couple of times, and that was it I took the chequered flag, My First WIN!
I got some good coverage from the circuit commentator who reminded the crowd we do all this on a minuscule budget, and that we still need help to finish this season and plan for 2016. So we go to the final round at Brands in two weeks time, confident that another win (or 2) is definitely possible.
If you are coming to the season finale, come into the paddock and find us.
Assen 2015
I left home Tuesday evening for the marathon journey to the cathedral of speed, Assen, arriving late Wednesday evening at 8:30pm.
I felt really privileged to have been allocated to a garage, after finding the garage and setting up borrow boarding i.e. Tools, Tyres etc... I was left with all day Thursday to suss out the circuit.
I woke up Thursday worrying about my broken ribs, an injury I suffered during my previous race at Oulton Park.  Although worried about my injury, my ribs held out while cycling around the 2.88mile circuit.
First Thoughts
Having cycled the track the previous day my first thoughts were this track may suit me well!!!! 
It's fast and flowing, flat and cambered and this style of track suits me. However some of the bends were so long i could not figure out what gear? What apex? I had noticed the curbs held the rain and standing water, This concerned me because I would need to run the curbs in some places.
The unpredictable nature of the rain concerned me, as did my ribs and how they were going to fair in the race having been told I had a 6-10 week recovery time and I had just approached week two.

The weather continued to deteriorate so I played MotoGP  at Assen on a Playstation.
Friday morning began with rain although by the time I was out on the track it had cleared. I was confident with my bike setup by Friday morning and my ribs were feeling reasonably comfortable, i was fairly confident I could complete the session in 5th place.
My final thoughts from the first session, My very first outing at Assen, Yes I was right this track does suit me but because of the weather i found there was absolutely no purpose in going out for the second session.
Qualifying was done on a dry track so we thought from the data gathered in the 1st session we would be able to push for the top five. Unfortunately our tactic of pitting for a new tyre toward the end of the session backfired as spits of rain started coming in 2 sectors of the track, This unfortunately left us in 9th place.
I was nervous for the upcoming sprint race in the afternoon as i could feel myself getting in more pain each time i rode, however i had anticipated a different weekend before i left due to the length of the Supersport races. The first 5 or 6 laps of the race I was able to close down the riders in front and ride strong as I had planned, unfortunately as the race went on the pain from my ribs got worse and worse to the point i found it difficult to concentrate. Because of the injury i found myself becoming physically winded while exiting slow corners, I had dropped back and finished 10th unfortunately for another rider using non controlled fuel I ended up finishing 9th place officially.

Brands Hatch Round 12

Arrived at Brands with the van making horrible noises, hope it gets us back home as like my bike it is not in the first flush of youth. Weather not bad for setting up Thursday but oh boy, not liking the look of the weather forecast. First practice was aborted after a few laps, I went out on wets but it was half trying to dry and half was still wet, it was just a riders nightmare. First qualifying, middle of the day, weather just about the best it gets for the time of year it was dry and trying to be sunny, still cold track temperatures. Qualified 30th absolutely gutted, can't work out what's going wrong... Just going backwards. Second qualifying, early in the morning for this time of year... was wet as it had hammered it down all night and kept us awake and still raining now, so no chance to improve on yesterdays time. So... 30th spot on the grid, here I come. Didn't do much in between riding on track, too wet and windy to sit around in the paddock so hid in the warmth of the caravan. Race day arrived sky getting blacker and blacker whilst waiting for my time to go to grid, tyres on wets and drys. 15 minutes before the race, chose drys to put into bike. Bren and Rebs set off with trolley to pitlane with my wets, they were halfway there under the tunnel and the heavens opened. We had arranged that I would go straight to pitlane and meet them there, mum had tried to organise extra help so that I didn't have to change my wheels arrived in pitlane, wet wheels all ready, dad arrived but unfortunately no help. So I had to get off my bike with my leathers, helmet and gloves on, trying to change my rear wheel while my dad did the front. This was all outside of Shakeys garage and a girl in there could not believe her eyes and mum heard her say "Oh my god, that poor rider is having to try to change his own wheel." If my mum had of had time to answer she would have said welcome to the world of the real privateer. Just made the start, pouring with rain and windy, thinking what am I doing here. Not sure if I had the right setup just couldn't get the bike to handle, just wanted to chuck me off at every opportunity. Thought I was gutted at Silverstone, you have no idea what I felt like at Brands. But I suppose, at least I did finish the race and it can only better, I hope. Roll on 2014, hopefully with a new bike and all the gizmos. This weekend actually made me realise that since I have had no data logging system, since it broke and couldn't afford to replace it that I actually have gone backwards because I don't know what mistakes I am making and where I need to improve my riding skills. So, bring me back a data logging system...

Thanks for all who have supported me through 2013 and been brave enough to read this blog, see you next year!!!

Silverstone Round 11

My laziness has shown through a bit and I am really late writing this blog, sorry to anyone who is a regular reader. Silverstone brought similar weather to the rest of the year, which was always a wet session followed by dry. Practice on Friday was wet so after going through the debate of do I go out or not, decided that would do to get some wet settings just in case! Only managed 5 laps before deciding to slide off at Club corner. What a highside! Turned me upside down landing on the track on my head!!! The rest of the weekend saw me with a headache and Bren aka Mum following me around checking that I did not have symptoms of concussion. Took the helmet down to Shark just wondering if they would be interested in looking at the damage knowing full well that a new helmet was the only answer. The Shark man looked at Bren and Rebs and said "this is the worst impact damage I have seen, is he okay!!!?" Bren and Rebs looked at each other a little bit shocked as they hadn't quite believed my story and said he appears fine. I'd actually finished in 13th place in that session. The two qualifying sessions were both dry and over the course of these sessions I managed to knock 3 seconds off my time (still with a splitting headache). Luckily not much damage sustained to the bike so that was good as the season is drawing to a close, money is getting a bit short. Qualified 25th overall. Lower than where I wanted to be really, but still doing the PB's with my times. Race day arrived, fine weather, warm up completed, no incidents, unlike lap one of the race! My team mate Jordan highsided in the middle of the pack and then took Mason for a ride on his back wheel, trapped underneath his seat on his rear wheel, if your not understanding this its well worth a watch... Click here to see it! All back to the pitlane, waiting for a restart to then be told we had been rescheduled for approx. an hour later. Race arrived, reduced to 7 laps, dicing around 21st place but finished 24th after hitting a false neutral on the last lap! Really disappointed, as I had been so looking forward to Silverstone and was expecting to be higher up, such a fast circuit, my poor old bike did seem to struggle to keep up! 

September 12th Silverstone

So good I can drive now...pity I have to deprive my mum of her car but Oh well....took my engine out on Monday night backwards and forwards to Oxford over Tuesday and Wednesday. Back in Kettering early evening to put my engine back in with a new gearbox. Loaded and ready to go by ...not too late really. Up very early Thursday and off to Silverstone. Weather again not quite as promised so missed the first couple of sessions. Non ACU or BSB test days are always a bit difficult....riding round with track day boys can be interesting and sometimes abit unpredictable....still all went well and the bike seems fine....I do love Silverstone and to make it even better Tom Ward came up from Canterbury and it was great to see him again. so roll on Round 11 Silverstone...cannot believe we are already so close to the end of the season...need to start planning next year soon and think about the dreaded funding would be so great to get some sponsorship....I may sell my body yet.....but that's another story.....come and find me in the Paddock and I may just share....see you at Silverstone...

Donington Park Round 10

We arrived at Donington in blazing sunshine...the normal putting up/setting up of the awnings etc and we were in a very unusual space near the Melbourne loop. Roger who I met at the Brackley show who won the free tickets for the weekend was due to arrive on Saturday with his friend and Sunday with his partner.
Saturday was so disappointing when we woke up, dull skies windy and wet....again the decision as to whether to go out and to complicate matters Mark had forgotten to bring my spare water was stuck in Oxford. Dree (aka Dad) got up early Friday morning and went off looking for a seal for the broken pump as Thursday we had driven back home to get the broken pump and a seal kit acquired from ebay....I suppose in some ways it was lucky the weather was so bad, hardly anyone went out for practise. A spare pump had been acquired and fitted to my engine so I was ready to rock. First qualifying was later in the afternoon but it was still pouring with rain...I went out to do a couple of laps....I did the whole session and ended up in 16th place...came in freezing and wet.... spent the rest of the day drying everything out and stayed in the caravan. Up Saturday to better weather and qualified 20th. Had a very good day chatting with Roger and his friend Simon and they seemed very interested and seemed to have a good day. Also celebrated my elder sisters birthday who came to the circuit to join us for the rest of the weekend.
Sunday was another early race, Roger arrived for his second day with his partner Kim. Nina and Dave visited taking loads of photos again...thanks for that they are great photos. Thinking at the end of the year I will put a 2013 album together.... 
I definitely could notice that I was closer to the lights when we gridded up......Dree had some probs. with the ped so was late to the grid so I had to get off my bike to put on my front paddock stand so that the tyre warmers could go on must teach Bren and/or Rebs to put it on....
Finished 18th after 14 laps of very close racing. This was amended to 17th when a rider was excluded for some technical issue.
Bike problems this time a little more serious....the gearbox was playing up. This is a problem as I am booked in to test at Silverstone on Thursday. Conversations with Mark gave us a plan....and that's all you need in life .....a plan. So home with a broken ped and R6...oh dear....

Cadwell Park Round 9

I am always a bit dubious about Cadwell and if you have looked at the video on U tube you would know why....and if you haven't you should. Mixed bag of weather and I thought Friday I would not go out for practice and qualifying because it was raining and wet and after constantly checking weather forecasts it was due to be good Saturday. It must seem a strange decision to the public not to go out just because a bit of rain but the problem is, if I crash there are 2 problems, one have we got the bits to fix it and 2 can we afford to fix it. It could mean that I miss the whole its always a careful judgement call when the decision is word is Bren (aka mum) team manager.....
Anyway the mist went and the wind came and the track dried so out I was all incident free really. Saturday brought a leaking water pump which cut my session short and of course was one thing that I do not carry as a spare. After several trips around the paddock on the cadge I was very grateful when Tinklers lent me one. I qualified 22nd with my lap times reducing.
One of my old friends Tom Ward was at Cadwell and it was great to catch up with him. I also had passed my driving test on the Wednesday before Cadwell so was keen to drive anyone anywhere. Tom and I went off in my mums car to find a fish and chip shop in Louth and Sunday evening saw me driving the Team to Mablethorpe to get fish and chips and to see the was so windy though and the sea so rough we decided against a paddle. Sunday dawned...dry and our race was early....I thoroughly enjoyed it and finished 16th ohhhh those points were so close.... so more fixing before Donington repair water pump.....

Oulton Park Round 8

Actually sitting at Donington doing this cos have got a bit behind. So much going on with my bike seems its getting a bit tired and showing its age. Everytime I go out on it something else falls off or breaks. Anyway brain in gear lets try to remember what happened. Ended up buying a second engine as mine still had a rattle unknown......Dad had to go to Hastings for that.....a breakers.... had some bits of my original fitted to that and thankfully when it was all put together in the frame and fired up no rattle. So loaded and off to Oulton we went. quite late in the afternoon when we finally left Kettering but sadly my mum and sister had a terrible journey. They left Kettering got about 10 mile down the A14 sat in the fast lane absolutely still also lay on a blanket in the sun on the tarmac for 3 hours. Finally got turned around and ended up back in Kettering!!!!!!!!!!!
We were there by then in the van tugging the caravan...
Got a bit depressed during qualifying the more I tried the slower I seemed to go and backwards in grid positions ended up 30th. 
Race day was just ridiculous our race being at 5:30 what a boring day.......finally went out bit of drama on the grid when everyone had been sent off one of the Appleyard mechanics noticed my brake sensor was hanging off......he took it for me and returned it after the race.
The race was really good I passed loadsa of riders on the first lap and came over the line in 20th. I am so wanting to finish in the teens now but old Bertie (my bike) seems to struggle. When I came in my headstock bearings had disintegrated and the noises coming out of it were not nice.....more work it would be sooooo good not to have so much work between each round.
Never mind Cadwell next party in the Park. 

Brands Hatch Round 7

Oh dear lots of coming and going again cos this time again its still not all my bike, travelling all over the place and fetching engines in and out, think we'll be able to go for a world record soon, "fastest time to fit an R6 engine into a frame" mmmmmmmm perhaps it already exists....anyway thanks to everyone's generosity and hard work I had a bike to load into the van and best of all my own set up at least.....I had struggled with set up at Snetterton...

Traveled incident free to circuit and then spent the next several hours setting up, this is all the stuff the spectators don't see the most unglamorous hard work and preparation for those precious three 25 minute sessions on track concluding with a 12 lap race....nothing like the adrenalin rush anywhere else though...and that drive to do better and go faster and grasp for those points....

Completed practice Friday and qualifying sessions on Saturday and kept my times reducing....qualified 23rd.... I was disappointed cos I had set a target for myself to be in the cheered me on though keeping my spirits up.....still needing strapping on my shoulder as well, the one that I dislocated at Oulton round 3.

Race day arrived on Sunday, rocked up on the grid to find Bren (aka Mum) and Rebs (sister) no Dree (aka Dad). Had to dismount bike to put on my own front stand, must teach one of them to do sooner bike on stands, siren went to clear grid, really.... hardly worth the effort.

Anyway really good race going on with 4 of us dicing and swopping when going down start and finish straight and I saw something fly over the top of Ben Godfrey who was in front of me....I was just working out that it was a tank infill (found out later off Jamie Harris' bike) when it hit me on the head....knocked my head backwards and it was like one of those see stars moments......hope my helmets ok....anyway where was I.....

Finished 19th.....still can't wait to get my own complete bike.....Shark checked my helmet over and its fine just grazed...does all this happen to others....Mark is still asking himself what did he do to meet such a bunch of unlucky people.....

Thanks to all who came to see me in the paddock...I ran out of cards to sign but will be ordering new for the next rounds and I also have my appearance at Brackley at the Air Ambulance fund raiser.

Don't forget have a photo with me in the paddock and I'll put it on this web site....   

Update 16th July...

Thanks very much again for the generosity from Paul and Jordan that I am able to make Brands Hatch this weekend, as still have problems with my own set up. Hopefully this will be the last time as I still am really excited about riding my own bike. 

Snetterton Round 6

Lots of thanks owed to Paul and Jordan as due to their generosity enabling me to ride. Bits of all sorts of bikes and engines now screwed together, goodness knows what it is going to feel like. Went out to practice on Friday, one session completed, lapped faster than I had at Bemsee round and followed by first qualifying later in the day which saw me better still on times. Still had my reward me and Jordan jumped in a paddling pool, pictures can be found of this at a high price!! Saturday another gorgeous hot day, second qualifying went faster again but unfortunately tucked the front and gently slid off at the hairpin (montreal). Little to no damage to bike, dented pride, lost last few laps of session but managed to qualify 24th. Just a bit miffed as could of gone better if I hadn't slipped off. Got a lift from one of the travelling marshals and to my surprise we crashed again, the marshal decided to drop his bike with me and him sat on it, he did point out that maybe I was safer on the track, not sure if its better walking back to the pits in the future!!!! Bed early Saturday night out very early for warm up, everything fine. First race of the day, five of us having a reallllly good race for places 16-20th. We never took the same line around the hairpin in all ten laps, unfortunately I never made the 11th as I crashed out at Nelsons, hit a false neutral, hey ho. Would really like to say thanks to the crowd who gave me a cheer and clap and then offered me bottles of beer and water. Really makes you feel that it is worth while, just wish a few more of you would come and see me in the paddock. Absolutely murder packing up and reloading in the heat.

Update 4th July...

Out of bed at the crack of dawn and over to Oxford with the frame in the van to fit the completed engine. Very excited at the thought of getting my refurbed engine, thrashing around Snetterton. Spent all morning the three of us putting the bike back together the moment arrived, we turned the key, we pressed the button, and oh nooo still not right. Three pair of eyes just store at the bike in disbelief... So few hours left to get to Snett, really panicking now. 

Update 2nd July...

Mark has rang again to ask Bren "how on earth had he managed to meet such an unlucky bunch of people" some of the parts for my engine which were due to arrive at 9am this morning on a guaranteed next day delivery are lost and are still lost as we speak at 11pm, time is running desperately short for me to get to Snett and all we can do is go to bed tonight with everything crossed and praying that my bits turn up tomorrow. Will still be running on the tight side to get the bike rebuilt and ready to be at Snett on Thursday, but ever the optimist as you learn to be when you are involved in motorbike racing. Keep watching for further updates.....

Update on engine...

Mark rang to tell us the news, which wasn't good. Lots of new parts needed for my engine. Much discussion between Mark and Bren aka Mum as to the best way forward, in the end decided to go with ordering new parts for my engine (better the devil you know etc etc).

Snetterton (BEMSEE) 

The whole family rearranged their plans including my sisters move out of her uni home in Cardiff to allow me to go to do some testing at Snetterton ready for the BSB meeting. Travelled up to Snett on the Friday morning to do the test day in preparation for the BEMSEE meeting on the Saturday and Sunday. Weather not quite to plan only managed one dry session at the very end of the afternoon. But a new gizmo on my bike allowed me to realise I have a bit of a strange riding technique that I need to crack the habit of. Washed my bike at the end of Friday, started it up to make sure I had no water in the electrics and woooooah I had a strange noise coming from the engine. After a little of deliberation with the team it was decided that it was the cam chain tensioner, somebody said not to worry they were going home and they had a spare that I could borrow, which would take minutes to fit Saturday morning. Went to bed reasonably happy, looking forward to the rest of the weekend. Woke up Saturday morning after a night of listening to reaaaally heavy rain. Went down to the garage, new part arrived, fitted, started up the bike, oh dear... still the same. More deliberations unfortunately nobody had a clue. So that was the end of my weekend with BEMSEE. Spent the rest of the day taking the engine out for it to go to Mark at Go Racing Developments, to see what he could find. 

Knockhill Round 5

After an enduring an extremely long journey up to Scotland (fair play to the riders that live in Scotland and do it for every round) we arrived at the circuit probably the one that I had been dreading the most on the BSB calendar, as the previous two years I hadn't even made the BSB meeting due to injuries and total devastation of bikes at the Scottish National Championship which was meant to be testing for me. After signing on realised the set up was going to be a bit different at this meeting due to the large amount of entries and smaller grid meaning that we were split into groups A and B. 26 riders went through from qualifying and the final 10 were from a shoot out race (haven't done shoot out races since my stock 1000 days in 2011). Anyway I ended up in the shoot out race and the weather as we sat waiting was fine, tyre warmers were on dry tyres and then 20 minutes before the race was due to start Bren aka Mum said "there are spots of rain on my glasses" and surely enough the Scottish heavens opened just like we all know and love. Mass panic in the awning as there were two of us needing to get onto the grid and had to be putting on our wets. Phew. I made it! Sitting on the grid, not sure whether I wished I had made this meeting or not, with the rain dripping off of my helmet. After 12 very very long wet laps I rolled home in 8th position giving me a place on the grid for the main race, with the weather forecast saying it was going to be dry and sunny. Went out for a team Nandos fun and frivolity had by all and rocked back to the paddock for an early night. Woke up Sunday and sure enough the sun was out!!! I had begun to question my bike because she just didn't feel quite right, I had changed the gearing several times but still seemed to have no pull out of the bends, but just put it down to me and the Scottish air. Took my place on the grid after the warm up laps and realised I couldn't even see the lights, oh well, I'll just set off when the others go in front of me was the only plan I could think of! Managed to fight my way through to 22nd place which I didn't feel was too bad for a circuit which had held so much bad luck for me previously. Still not 100% with the bike but couldn't put my finger on anything.... And then for a ridiculous 10 hour journey home on the Monday morning, thank the lord that's Knockhill out of the way for another year. 

Donington Park Round 4

Went to last physio appointment....I was disappointed with my pain levels and could see that the physio after further quizzing me about the sport thought that I would never get through a medical let alone a fitness test. Still had also put a cry out for help through tweets and had had some response putting me in touch with Frances West and had arrangements to go see her upon arrival Thursday evening.
Set up and did all the usual, getting to work really well with one arm now. Bike all set up and ready so popped off to meet Frances.... she had had a disaster with her awning and it had destroyed itself in the high, cold winds. She had a gazebo though and had put some heat on for me....she put me through my paces and had watched my peculiar shoulder/arm movements and was also not delivering the message I wanted to hear...Yes of course its fine and you'll be able to ride your bike easy peasy.......
She would not advise one way or the other so we agreed that I would try if I passed the medical....she kept in touch all weekend even coming to look for me when I didn't let her know how I was fairing.
Friday arrived and the weather was just well!!!!!! went along at 8:30 am for my medical and PASSED first hurdle over. I went out to morning practise and it was difficult worse than I had anticipated somehow I had dreamt that when I got on my bike my injury would disappear!!!!! not so....
After much discussion with the weather deteriorating by the minute, if you were there you know what I mean.... Mum (aka Bren aka Team Manager) stated I was not going out in the 1st the weather was promising to be good Saturday and Sunday there was no point in any times set in the bad weather.
I was so glad I didn't as half those that went out fell off and that could have been a disaster for me....
Went out Saturday in sun shine and dry track and Mark tried to adjust my settings to help with the braking as that was so difficult with the shoulder. People had suggested to just not use the brakes...mmmmm let me think on that one as I arrive at the Melbourne Loop....
Qualified 31st which was so disappointing as I had been looking forward to this meeting as I like the track, still at least I qualified.
Sunday was the longest day ever as our race was almost the last of the day. It gave me time to go out and around the track watching, picking up a few tips...
Race finally arrived and I was a long way back on the grid....but teeth gritted I took off....I completed the race in 22nd position which thinking on was fairly good considering physio's were saying I probably wouldn't get round at all and I finished the race...very painful and very glad when I saw the chequered flag....but I did it.....Knockhill next.

Physio updates:

Update on injury from Oulton Park, not going great. Found a local physio been twice due to go again on Tuesday, trouble is he doesn't seem to understand the mindset of wanting to go racing because when I went to see him the first time it was a sharp intake of breath when I explained that I needed to be fit to pass a medical in two and half weeks time to go to Donington Park. Popped in to see my GP who is sympathetic and he gave me some anti-inflammatory drugs which have hit the spot in the past but don't seem to be working to this third injury on the same shoulder. Trying to do my exercises but just can't get shot of the pain. I'll just keep going to bed and hoping I wake up cured!!! Bit gutted as I have been really looking forward to Donington as it is one of my favourite tracks. I am determined to be there and pass the fitness it's just whether I will be able to handle the bike down craner curves. Will keep in touch...

Oulton Park Round 3

Had an extra day to prepare this time as could not arrive till Friday as due to it being a Bank Holiday weekend the racing was taking place on Monday.
Been watching the weather forecast and it was looking goooood!!!!!!!

Arrived lunchtime as usual and bit disappointed as the closer to the circuit we got the cloudier it became.

Spent the rest of the day setting up the caravan in the riders living and the awnings in the paddock. Also took delivery off new team clothing, well pleased particularly with my gillet

Woke up Saturday to.............rain, What!!!!!

Set the bike to its rain settings put on my old riding gear as didn't want to get new leathers wet and off I went.

Practise session with 12 minutes to go was red flagged. I had come across a bike in the middle of the track and thought I recognise that bike, low and behold my team mate, Jordan Simpkin had high sided and was standing on the side of the track. 
Rolled into the pit lane. Sat chatting and found I was in 4th position, pleased with that....unfortunately it all went down hill after that.
Bren (aka mum) suggested that with only 9 minutes left of the session that I didn't bother going out and that I wait for first qualifying later as it was meant to be dry by then.........wish I had listened.

Didn't complete another lap as ended up off track at Island and down I went......finished lap in ambulance arriving at medical centre with suspected broken collar bone being met by medical staff, Bren (aka mum) and sister.

After some severe pain, an x ray and an examination, the conclusion was a dislocated right shoulder. I finally left the medical centre being told to return the next day to find out if I would be allowed to ride the rest of the weekend.

8 a.m. I was knocking on the door to find out they were not to open until 10:30 a.m. 
I returned and despite putting on my bravest face the Doctor put me through some tests that I just could not declared unfit to ride but awarded ten out of ten for effort.

The Doctor said normal people would take onward of 6 weeks to recover but with physio and hard work I could be ready for Donington.

Absolutely gutted ......... but Jordan (who was on pole) asked me to be his brolly dolly, will try and upload a picture, created some laughter on the grid. If you were spectating near the start line you may have spotted me....

Home now, bit difficult loading and unloading van one handed, GP and physio both visited and now concentrating on mending 15 days to do it in, must say the physio is not convinced...but then he's not understanding the racer mindset.

The bike was fixed over the weekend at Oulton and luckily it was not toooo bad although any extra expense is never good.
Bring on Donington I like that circuit and so want to be fit to enjoy it..... 

Thruxton Round 2

Arrived Thursday lunchtime and already the riders living area was looking a bit muddy, so much so that we got the van stuck towing the caravan in the gateway.

The weather again was not ideal but it was rain this time, I suppose thank s for small mercies!!!!Over the weekend we had 40mph winds, torrential rain cancelled sessions and quite alot of time spent trying to hold down awnings and keep kit dry.
Spent so much time trying to work out whether to go out on wets or dries that I took my eye of the ball for working out the best gearing anyway qualified 21st.
Race day arrived and after much sky watching took the gamble on it was going to be a dry race.
Took my place on the grid with my normal crew Bren (aka mum), Dree (aka dad)  and sister Rebs.
Took off on the lights out, mmmm bit of a wheelie not good, must practise that bit, then arrived at the complex and carnage ensued...........despite chaos I got away with it but it did set me back.
Watching my pit signals and focussing on the riders in front after the safety car finally left the circuit in the 6 lap dash left I managed to get down to 20th place.
Not a bad weekend all in all but really fed up with living in a mud bath.........

Brands Hatch Round1 -

Arrived Thursday lunchtime at Brands in would you believe a blizzard, yes a snow blizzard, crikey I thought Spain was cold but now I realise how warm it had been. Setting up was a nightmare all new awnings, trying to work out where everything went and in minus temperatures with 40 mph winds.
Oh the joys of racing motorcycles!!!!!!!! who ever told me it was going to be glamorous??????
 Friday---- 11am dawned and it was definitely no warmer I went out but only did 3 laps and could feel no fingers or toes but could see the snow falling. Pulled into pit lane and the consensus was there was nothing to be learnt or gained so called it a day on that session.
Session 2----- 3.35pm qualifying 1 still very cold but not snowing not particularly happy as finished 26th but I have to remember that we are, with the support of Mark from GoRacing Development,s very much in the setting up stages of my bike, and, after a couple of pretty disastrous years re-building my confidence after some pretty big offs.
Saturday----12 noon qualifying 2 everyone pleased as I completed more miles and stayed on the bike and knocked 1 second off which put me into 21st. I am building up steadily which is one of my main goals for the beginning of this year.
Sunday the race at 11:50am----- Adrian and Karl (APS came along to watch) and I was feeling a bit nervous. The weather had turned around well and the sun was shining but still chilly. Took my place on the grid with my mum and sister doing the start line stuff (any mechanics out there willing to rescue me!!!!). Lights changed and off we go. Enjoyed some dicing and then settled into 18th place and that is where I finished. My aim was top twenty so I had enjoyed a good race and achieved my aim, can't really do any better than that for first outing good job done all pleased. 
Couple of hours taking set up down and loading and then the race home to get to the caravan storage before sunset when it locks its gates.
Bring on Thruxton 


Here we go then....

Dragged out of bed at 3am on Tuesday 12th March, arrived at east midlands airport in gale force winds, sub zero temps and snow!! Journey pretty uneventful, arrived in Spain starving hungry and after collecting the hire car came across a Mercadona so just had to stop, buy supplies and have a picnic in the car park, which we got some very funny looks for! Arrived at apartment in Alcaniz, which I would highly recommend to anyone visiting Aragon circuit! 

Wednesday: Up at the circuit at 6pm to unload the van into our garage and set out all of our stuff. Circuit looked absolutely awesome and couldn't wait for Thursday to arrive! 

Thursday: Up bright and early and up to circuit for 8am to sign on, tyre warmers on and check bike over again after its long journey in the back of a van! 5 sessions completed across the day and it was sadly very windy and very cold where I had been hoping for hot sunshine -  but it was dry.

Friday: Bit of a lie in, didn't have to be at the circuit until 9am, out on track at 10am. 4 successful sessions completed, session 5 missed so that we could start the loading of 4 bikes and all the stuff back into the van, for another shorter journey to Alcarras. 2 days successfully completed, track absolutely awesome and very chuffed that my wheels matched the kerb along the start and finish line! (See the pictures on the front page slideshow). Friday night... bit of a hiccup on the journey lost the convoy on the way so couldn't find the hotel because I had no address for it! Couple of frantic texts and calls soon got us back on our way to the hotel to rejoin the group. 

Sat: Up at the crack of dawn, again! Fed up with it being dark when I get up. Up to the circuit Alcarras to unload the van and sign on etc. First thoughts on arrival the difference between Aragon and this place was like Silverstone compared to Mallory!! But did remind me of the old go kart tracks I used to race my minimoto on so I was more than happy to go out and give it a go. Six sessions completed, all went well day 3 done.

Sun: Unfortunately woke up to rain! Had breakfast, that was a treat! The start of the day was postponed until 10 and we all still went up to the circuit. I ended up not going out at all because the track never dried out and showers kept coming over. Could see no point and nothing really to be gained. So tinkered and cleaned the bike. 

Mon: Woke up to blue skies but went up to the circuit and there were still wet patches so decided to give the first couple of sessions a miss. Did one session before lunch all fine. First session after lunch, half a lap and my chain snapped. Luckily no damage done to either my bike or myself but the bike was carted back on the back of a pick up. Bike all fixed and two more sessions successfully completed. 

All in all really successful trip, well supported by Mark from Go-Racing Developments - thanks Mark!! And thoroughly enjoyed being part of the new team with Jordan Simpkin, Matt Ogden and Pete Hay. And of course the support crew, Paul, Ken, Bren, Dree and Rebs. Looking forward to the rest of the year and there will be more updates after Brands!

A special thanks to Paul and Pete for their very long drive in the hire van from Reading to Spain and back! Well done boys!! Owe you a pint. 

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