Name: Jamie Perrin                  

Age: 23

Hometown: Kettering, Northamptonshire

Hobbies: Road Racing, motocross, gym, push biking, keeping updated with all racing news, eating Nando's, watching action films, pestering the family cat and keeping my fish!

Occupation: Swimming pool technician 

This is a little about me, hope you enjoy reading it:)

I have always had a passion for 2 wheels and was taken to watch my cousins race as a toddler.
I moved my interest to push bikes and was often seen leaving the street I lived in on a customised BMX bike with a large spade strapped to my back. With my mates we used to find fields and wood to dig and build jumps.
I often phoned from the local hospital when I had been taken in with various injuries including once a smashed face as in broken cheek bone and lost front tooth and both eyes that did not open for several days.
I then moved my passion to bikes with engines when I discovered mini motos while searching the Internet and I did not shush until I owned a Japanese re production. When I then found people raced them on kart tracks that is what we moved to discovering that a cheap version did not do the trick I then begged and begged until I became the proud owner of a Polini.
I raced this for three years 2007-2009 and picked up many trophies and gained seconds and thirds in championships.
I then begged for a “big bike” but mum put off the requests until at the end of 2009 season mini moto dinner dance, half way through dinner I got very excited. I told my sister a story and mum asked what is going on but my sister Rebekah said its not for tonight. Mum insisted and I proceeded to tell her that I had bid on a 400 Kawasaki and had won the bidding. I had used money that I had saved from an insurance pay out for breaking some bones in my hand of course from racing my mini moto.

Me and dad travelled to Wales and got the bike which I test drove down the road even though I had never ridden a full size bike. The bike looked massive in the van after a mini moto.

We then joined BEMSEE and travelled to Brands Hatch February 2010 for a weekend of schooling.
Mum was sure I would not pass the test round the bollards in the car park but on the Sunday in the snow after being given an instructor and grouping I was wizzing round Brands Hatch. Mum was busy panicking around telling everyone I had never ridden a full size bike with gears!!!    
2010 saw me as first Rookie in the EDIasia 400 race at almost every round and I finished first Rookie in the overall Championship. It was not every round because the Rookie podium was not good enough I just wanted to finish on the main podium and at Cadwell I qualified pole but unfortunately fell in the first race on oil and broke my leg. It was unbelievable that I took a £1000 bike to the level that I did. At 21 years old it was by far the oldest bike on the grid and we had heard that others had spent up to £8000 on their engines alone!!!!!!

2011 Just one year later I found myself sat on a BSB grid aboard a brand new Kawasaki ZX10! Scary times!
It was a huge learning curve and I was the youngest rider in the class at 17yrs.
It was a mixed year with a best position of 13th at Oulton Park gaining rider of the day and some points!!!!!!
Then unforeseen circumstances saw me having a go on a 600cc and at Silverstone amazingly gaining a 3rd position in the Supersport Cup race with a taste of the podium and my first ever champagne!

2012 - turned out to be a disaster even though I had moved to a stock 600 and resulted in me leaving the BSB paddock in June. I then gathered my thoughts and fully supported by my family we bought our own bike and enough gear to return to club racing with the Derby Phoenix Club. This also was no where near the success we were hoping for with 2 of the meetings being rained off still I did manage to grab a trophy for a third place at Cadwell Park which tends to be a circuit I am a little shy of after crashing on the Mountain in 2011 on the ZX10 if you want to be scared look on YouTube #65 crash on the mountain at Cadwell Park.

I have a great knowledge of riders and bikes at all levels and am an avid viewer of  any bike racing on tv.
I also have a love of “Top Gear” and have always driven my sisters bonkers watching Science programmes, and machinery and gadget programmes.
I drive the family cat mad teaching it tricks!!! And keep a tank of fish in my bedroom.

2013 - I still have the cat and the fish and for this year my own bike which means I have control of what I do and when I do it. Its not brand new but I am looking forward to getting started on my next learning curve and hope above all that this year pans out with far more good luck than I have enjoyed over the last 2 years. 

2014 - well here we are again and I still have the cat and the fish, one of the goldfish I reckon now has to be approx 11 - 12 years old now. Anyway the year last year was better but far from perfect. This year I have a brand spanking 2014 bike straight from the showroom. It's all very exciting as we strip it down and get it turned to racing spec and the season is getting very close to starting.

2015 - Starting the season with the best spec bike I have ever had and when I tested it at the last 3 meetings of 2014 in the EVO championship. At my debut meeting I got the second bottle of champagne of my racing career, where I gained 3rd place at Donington Park. My main problem for 2015 is by getting the bike to top spec, it has resulted in me having very little money for the season. 

2016 - This was my first year on a full Supersport bike as they combined the class to make it into one. Started strong but struggled through the season due to a lack of sponsorship which meant I could not develop the bike throughout the year. No podiums this year to my bitter disappointment but looking forward to coming back stronger in 2017.