Round 4 - Donington Park
Still no van getting quotes from £850 - £1500 luckily I have very supportive family and my uncle offered to tow our caravan to Donington Thursday afternoon to then return to collect his own and my auntie, as they were coming across to spectate for the weekend. Bike mad family.

Donington has been the best meeting, loads of track time wish we joined with the WSB all the time. Mum and Auntie took me to meet Broc Parkes he said he would watch out for me, wonder if he did? Was gonna ask him to take me for a lap, cheeky....

Every session I just got stronger and stronger and my lap times reflected this going down every session. I am definitely settling into the bike now and getting very happy and when I secured 14th place in the last race and grabbed a point it was great. My Mum says I'm like a fisherman 'cos every time I come in I have a tale to tell for instance in qualifying, I went straight on at the esses up some slip road and ended up on a different track, the national circuit, I completed a detour to get back to the circuit I was meant to be on, which left me facing all the oncoming riders, scary times, waited for a slot to rejoin went to pull off and embarrassing times, never moved, woops I was in neutral did not then stop to see if the spectators had found this hilarious..... red face under the black visor. Great no rain though even if it was very windy hope we grab some some more dry meetings its so much happier atmosphere. See you all at Snetterton come along and find me for a free gift.

Round 3 - Oulton Park 
Went to bed Thursday evening ready for the off on Friday, only to be informed Friday a.m. van had broken down (more unexpected expense).
Not good start....Managed to arrange a 4x4 hire with tow bar so that we could take caravan to live in.
Practice: Saturday 25 mins completed with out a hitch, I was not really happy with my times but looking forward to qualifying on Sunday. Weather still holding Sunday but very very cold. Just settling down to quicken my lap times, when, going up Clay Hill at around 135 mph as I reached the brow of the hill there was a rider on the racing line, touring!!! OMG evasive action required, unfortunately that took me off the track onto the grass, which then caused me to slide off. Thought I was never gonna stop and then noticed tarmac oww that got a bit hot, phew, grass came back into sight, finally after a few roly poly's came to a halt. 
So qualifying put me on 34th place on the grid, 9th row. Definitely not in the plan.
Race: Damage repaired, but Monday came with rain which did stop but with massive black clouds in the sky, could not decide wet or dry tyres.
Finally Team went with wet front and dry rear.
Officials moved us all up one place on the grid which put me into the wet part of the track so got bad start as tyres spun up.
Settled in for a14 lap race and concentrating on picking off the riders in front of me, got myself into 18th place but then on lap 11 the red flags went out due to the first 2 riders having an off. So results went back a lap which gave me a 20th position. All that work on the last lap for nothing. Of well that's racing.
Hardly time to breath and off to Donington Park on Thursday sharing with the World Super Bikes so gives me a chance to pick up some tips from the top boys.
Thanks again to my local sponsors Andrew Pipework Services, follow me on twitter @JamiePerrin_75 and visit my website www.jamieperrinracing.com please contact me to sponsor me in return for hospitality at a meeting, stickers on my bike and/or info on the van anything gratefully appreciated. 

Round 1 & 2 - Brands Hatch Easter Weekend and Thruxton 
Sorry I have been a bit out of touch with keeping this up to date but I have had 2 very cold, back to back, wet not particularly happy days meetings.Have bought a dongle but at Thruxton I could not get a signal to make it work as I was going to keep race reports going.Brands if you saw it was unbelievable, almost wonder how they kept sending us out.
Only 2 days to catch breath and then off to Thruxton, free practice no times as no transponder. 1st qualifying saw me in 24th place, not what I had been hoping for but.... Woke up Saturday to buckets of rain so team advise was not to go out so had very boring day but helped my mate Tom Ward who rides in the Triple Triumph.

Race day arrived with sunshine but very cold bitter wind, and due to the bad weather Saturday I had kept my 24th place on the grid. Race took off and I got to 20th position and devastatingly with 1 lap to go slipped off at the chicane and with new rules could not carry on.I need some miles on the bike there is not much track time with BSB especially when you have not been to a circuit like I had never been Thruxton. Hopefully am getting some track days.
Also seems to be some setting up of the bike needed but I struggle to to share the info required with the team for them to help......sure life will improve and I am not about to give up. Feel free to look me up in the paddock to cheer me up and I do have some handouts.

I fell of at the end of 1st practice which pleased no one least of all me, but was in 14th place I then rode very carefully as I was under strict instruction not to fall again. I qualified 31st and finished 21st in the race so my weekend improved as it went on.

BSB Official Testing (March 21st/22nd)
Arrived at Brands early to set up with the team then got an early night ready for the very early morning! Woke up to bright blue sky. Got out on the track and was disappointed to see Graham Hill bend hadn't changed, guess it was just a rumour! But it was good to see extra run off at Druids. My lap times were consistent and for my first time out I was relatively pleased and for sure when I get into full racing mode at round 1 they will reduce. Completed all sessions and happy that my winter training has paid off and my fitness level was okay. Next day at Snetterton more blue sky and dry track. Seemed to be alot of crashes, I think every session got red flagged. My lap times came down nicely but unfortunately I became one of the crash statistics after lunch, this ended my day much earlier than I was hoping for. Very disappointed and abit on the grumpy side but looking back realise how lucky I was to walk away with a bruised back and head ache, no serious injury. Roll on Brands. On the other side me and my team mate did jokingly try to sell Michael Laverty some boots, well got to try some way to pay for my racing, will be trying again even more now after I get the bill for my crash damage. If you could see yourself making a donation, it would be very welcome, if you enjoy watching me racing and would like to help me to make the whole season please think about it as every bit helps. So, take a look to your right where there is a donate button as I am struggling to find sponsors. 
Second Ride Out
Off to the Grants house again on Tuesday evening ready to meet a new Team mate (4 of us now) and then three of us onto Mallory Park for an afternoon of cruising on Wednesday. Still getting used to my bike and it was absolutely freezing cold but better than the wet stuff. Highlight of the afternoon: as I cruised around the bend onto the start and finish I was greeted with a duck sitting in the middle of the track AHHHHHHH avoiding action taken, missed the duck, wheeeew...... unfortunately for the duck, I heard later, that a rider a few behind me was not so skilled at avoidance tactics, I won't paint a picture. Another smaller incident with my boot, the tape will have to come out as I cannot afford another new pair and I am trying to contact Alpinstars re the problem. All in all another successful trip. Brands next followed by Snetterton. First test of 2012!!
Headed over to Grants racing house Monday night ready for testing Tuesday morning. Up bright and early next day, quick breakfast then 3 of the riders in the team including me taken on the short journey to Donington. 
Bit of a bummer it had been raining so the track was wet in the morning so put on my leathers and boots and spent some time setting up levers etc. in the morning while waiting for it to dry up. Then by mid afternoon I was able to get onit! just had a few little teething problems with my new kit when my left boot got stuck on the heel guard entering the esses!! lol all in all good start to the year and my first time on the bike. bring on the next one! watch this space for more updates.

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