A massive thank you to all those people who have supported me through 2013...

Andrew Pipework Services - Race entries
Mark Sadler @ Go Racing Developments - Support and LOADS of patience.

Nina and Dave at BSB Pix

Private donations:
Roger Titwan
Ray Stephens
Ian Bailey
Dave Bishop
Desborough Gas Showroom (Jane and Chris) - Knee sliders

Unknown donor - Data Logging System (Sorry it broke)
Jordan Simpkin Racing - Engine and bike (Couple of meetings, when my old Bertie give up the ghost)

And congratulations to my team mate Jordan Simpkin for achieving second place in the Stock 600 Championship, well done Jordan!! (It must of been the hot tub in Spain haha!!)

And also a thanks to all of the Pirelli staff, Nevis marketing, Shark helmets, RST leathers, BSB staff and organisers and of course the Marshals who do a tremendous job, I moan about being 25 minutes in the rain they are out in it all day, you are heroes and heroines!! 

Oh and a big woops, thanks to the two people who paid for it all, Mum and Dad aka Bren and Dree! (Good job Mum retired this year and then went back to work, this is why we are short for next year... Nobody left to retire). And Rebs, standing on pitwall sticking that board out, also in all weathers, starting in the snow and finished in the rain haha. 


I want to thank Roger for the support and friendship that he gave to the Jamie Perrin racing team at Donington Park. Also to thank him for his donation which paid for a drum of fuel. I am sure he was amazed at some of the facts and figures and sure he will share that knowledge with friends and others. Hope to see you and your friends and partner again. Cheers.


Just want to say a massive thank you to all those that made a donation at Brackley Bike Show, this will pay for my drum of petrol for Cadwell Park this weekend, with a little bit to spare!!

We had a competition running where the highest donor won a pair of tickets to a round of their choice! Congratulations to that person who has been informed.

Also many thanks to Jane and Chris for my 5 pairs of Wiz knee sliders. Thanks Jane and Chris, who also manage to support me at most rounds!!! 

Thanks very much Nina and Dave for the great pictures!


Jamie was extremely pleased to be asked to support the Brackley Bike Show on Sunday by the Warwickshire and Northamptonshire Air Ambulance. Jamie thoroughly enjoyed chatting to those that were interested to find out more about Jamie Perrin Racing. A very good day, in very good weather!! For anyone that had their picture took, please check out the photo gallery page. 


Just like to say a massive thanks to a local supporter Dave Bishop who has donated £50 towards Brands Hatch, this may seem a small amount but many small amounts all add up to make a massive difference, so if anyone else feels like following Daves' footsteps I would be massively grateful. Thanks again Dave


I have recently been invited to attend the Brackley Festival of Motorcycling this is on August 18th, an organiser contacted me from the Warwickshire and Northamptonshire Air Ambulance Service as I am a Northamptonshire resident, riding bikes at BSB. So really excited and looking forward to that and hoping I may attract some sponsorship as I am still fully supported by the bank of Mum and Dad. 



If you want to be scared look on YouTube #65 crash on the mountain at Cadwell Park WELL IF YOU AREN'T I DEFINITELY WAS..........

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