Round 12 Brands Hatch

I had a really good qualifying session putting me p8 on the grid for the sprint race unfortunately I had a coming together with another rider which was no fault of my own, which forced me to do running repairs on my clutch lever for the first couple of laps. Just at the point of thinking I would have to retire when the lever returned itself to an almost normal position after one heavy clout going down Cooper straight. My lap time placed me p14 on the grid for race 2, on the warm up lap I was surprised to see that it was a lot damper than I had initially thought. On exiting Druids I hit a damp patch and highsided hurtling me into the wall. I cannot remember much of what happened apart from feeling extremely battered and breathless. I clambered onto the back of a taxi bike to the med centre where I spent an hour and a half being assessed and recooperating. Resulting damage is soft tissue and ligament issues in my right shoulder and right knee, which are still being treated to date at my local hospital. But dedication and commitment will see me fit for 2017.

Another year in the BSB paddock is over! Unfortunately the commitment and dedication put in doesn't always pay off! I would like to say a massive thank you to:

Brian - Global Doors
Brian Teal
Jane, Chris and Steve - Desborough Gas Showroom
Adrian and Karl - Andrew Pipework Services
Graeme Gordon - Dunnottar Garden Outdoor Services
Stephen Shepherd - Including photos and video clips!
Tim - Truckwright
Dan Turner

And ofcourse Mark Sadler - Go Racing Developments for his continued patience and support.

Chief Mechanic (Dree) 
Chief Gopher (Bren)
Chief Signaler (Rebs)

And all the supporters that have made donations towards my 'Help me!' campaign.

I also started 'sticker gate' for a £25 donation to receive a hat, plus a sticker to write your name on and then stick it on Jamies bike for the weekend!!! Take a photo to show your name is on a BSB Supersport bike! THIS WILL BE CONTINUING INTO 2017 WITH ADDED BENEFITS!!

Round 11 Assen   

Assen weather was unreliable which seems to be the theme but hey ho qualifying placed me p29 on the grid for race 1, which was not where I wanted to be but with the track rapidly drying throughout the session, by the time I felt comfortable there wasn't enough time to change to drys. I battled throughout the race and finished in p14. Started p17 in the feature race - unfortunately this was a major disaster for me although I did finish. Thanks to all my supporters! 🏁 Roll on Brands for the final round.

Round 10 Donington Park

The weekend again was plagued with issues, I just do not seem able to get myself into a position where the whole weekend runs smoothly. I was delighted to be approached before the weekend with an offer of support for the round at Donington by Tim from a local firm called TRUCKWRIGHT based in Corby. This was very welcome as I am struggling to make the end of the season with a now non existent budget.
However the weekend did not go as I would have planned, the first practice was wet, so with all other sessions forecast as being dry there seemed little point in risking an off so I sat it out.
Second practice was ok so the bike was prepped ready for Saturday qualifying. This started very promising and I was hovering around sixth, came in mid session to have a new rear tyre for a last blast but unfortunately as all was set for my first flying lap I fell off at Craner Curves which left me unable to do anything but watch my placing fall to 13th. I was very disappointed but started positive in the Saturday Sprint race after fixing the damage to my bike which luckily, for a Craner Curves incident, was minimal. However it soon came to light that there had been some front brake damage in the crash which had not been noticed leaving me unable to challenge holding on to 10th place so finishing in 12th.
Tim and his wife Julie came to the meeting and I am sure enjoyed themselves seeing a bit of the behind the scenes action and meeting the team and another of my supporters Brian from Global Doors.
Sunday arrived with beautiful weather and we all thought a fully fixed and checked over bike. I very soon settled once again into 10th place, first privateer but mechanical issues struck 2 laps from the end of the race once again leaving me unable to fend off chasing rivals and I crossed the line in 13th place. I was very disappointed and just wonder what I need to do to get a trouble free weekend, but as the team said at least I achieved 2 finishes.
So its off to Assen next where I am very much looking forward to riding the "Cathedral of Speed" and this year I am fit, where as last year, my first year there, I was suffering with broken ribs in my back which were so painful that I had to stop riding after the Saturday Sprint race. Not looking forward to the 8 hour Ferry crossing though!!!!!!

Round 9 Oulton Park

Oulton has always been a bit of a mixed bag for me but this weekend I feel was relatively successful for the team and myself. Within both of the practice sessions I did not get as many laps as I would have liked due to damp patches and rain. But due to coming earlier in the year I had a good setup for qualifying where I finished 10th which would be my starting position on the grid for race 1. I was dicing for 8th place and with 4 laps to go my gear lever fell off making the end slightly difficult. I managed to hang on to p12. Couldn't it have happened in practice or qualifying!? πŸ’¨πŸRace 2 I started p12 on the grid (with an extremely tight gear lever) and had a good battle with a few other riders and ended in p9. Overall a relatively good weekend for the team and myself! Quick turn around now for Donington next weekend... Let's hope the winter weather holds off for a little bit longer.

Thanks to all my supporters and everyone that came to visit me this weekend and made a donation for my hats! Cheers πŸ˜ŽπŸπŸ’¨πŸ

Round 8 Cadwell Park

Oh dear... unfortunately I have not had a good weekend at all, I had 2 DNFs in the races and I am really gutted and disappointed. In race 1 a fan commented that I was "riding the wheels off the bike to try to keep up with the team riders in front" and I just pushed too hard. In the 2nd race I clipped the kerb. Busy and expensive 10 days coming up to try to get the bike fixed and ready for Oulton park. Really sorry to all my supporters. Many thanks to the people that help me to get out on track for each session, all my family team, Brian Global Doors, Mark Sadler Go Racing Developments. 

It was also great to see all of my supporters this weekend that popped via the awning including Brian and Sue Teal and Graeme Gordon. 

Thanks everyone for all the support you give me.

Onwards and upwards.

Jamie and one of his fans from Cadwell Park having a chat! Pop by the awning to meet Jamie and the team...

Round 7 Brands Hatch

Cannot believe we have passed the halfway mark in the season and I still am feeling that we have so much more to get out of the bike and myself but funding issues are beginning to bite and the bills are mounting which leaves us on the back-foot for not being able to fund new developments. This is a major downside when competing against Teams who have budgets that I cannot even imagine and who develop engines for individual tracks and I am trying to make one engine fit all. It is beginning to frustrate me to the point that my mind is not clear when I go out on track and this showed at Brands in the 2 practise sessions on Friday when I was distracted by some new leathers I had acquired cheap which did not fit (but I am very thankful for), some new gloves that the velcro did not stay done up and some other little bits and pieces that had not gone to plan like all the 3's disappearing out of my pit board bag.
Finding myself in 21st position did nothing to help my general mood.
This meeting also incorporated the cancelled race at Silverstone which placed even more pressure on us as a small team as I knew I could not afford to make any mistakes and there certainly was no time between qualifying and the 2 races on Saturday to have any unfortunate offs.
However after spending some "me time" on Friday evening I did manage on Saturday to knock a second of my time and bagged 15th place on the grid. Still not happy but feeling much more positive, I thank my Team for not giving up on me and pushing me to understand all the positives and not to be concentrating on the negatives.
Race 1 finishing in 12th position I spent the race mixing with the old EVO group and Joe Collier but not getting clear laps put me back into the 1:30's which did not help my grid position for Race 2 so I was back into 20th position on the grid, but, finishing in 11th place and getting back into the 1:29's gave me 16th place on the grid for the main race on Sunday.
Throughout the evenings I walked the track, and played with settings on the bike which did result in Sundays warm up giving me my fastest lap time of the weekend 1:29.4.
This gave me a very positive mind set for the main race and with a result of 8th my Team and supporters were happy with 3 solid finishes behind only the main Supersport teams.
I am determined as the season progresses to continue to be further and further up the front.
I would like to thank all my supporters and followers and please feel free to drop by the Gala Tent in the paddock for a chat I do enjoy meeting you all.

Thruxton Round 6

Set off to round 6, Thruxton, with weather looking good, very good. I knew straight away this was going to give us tyre wear problems. Thruxton is a very abrasive circuit which gives quick wear on tyres at the best of times. But the heat of the weekend compounded this issue. Thruxton is a very individual circuit and like Knockhill we only go once a year and it is is not a circuit that I have done many miles around. 2016 and my new bike seem to be giving me set up niggles that we do not seem to be able to sort and along with my Knockhill injury I cannot get 100% settled. Tried lots of things in the 2 practice sessions and in the qualifying session bagged myself 9th place on the grid. However, the sprint race did not go to plan and as one of my niggles is top speed down the straights trying to hang on to the front group I pushed too hard, hitting a bump and lost the front end on the sweeping bend after the start and finish line. Luckily not much damage to the bike even though it is a fast bend and none to myself. In the main event on Sunday I started in 11th place on the grid as I had managed a fast lap time in the beginning of Saturdays sprint race. Unfortunately I went off the track and dropped to 18th place, I managed to come back and catch the group who had gone past me and pass them putting me into 14th place. After the event 2 riders were disqualified putting me into 12th. Not the best weekend but still persevering and looking forward to Brands Hatch. Thank you to all of my supporters, helpers and followers. Come by my set up and have a chat.

Snetterton Round 5  

Just a quick update about the weekend...
After 10 days of treatment, I tested my fitness before leaving home on Wednesday and realised I was still going to be struggling with pain in my left wrist. Practice 1 and qualifying I also struggled with weather conditions to complicate matters even more.
Race 1 I was starting from last but one on the grid (34th) due to an off in qualy and I finished in what I thought was a respectable 12th place, but still could not get my lap times anywhere close to what I had achieved on the test days with 100% fitness.
Started race 2 in 17th place and with the help of painkillers managed to complete the 15 laps coming over the line in 13th place.
I picked up some valuable points but glad to see the end of the weekend and hopefully 2 more weeks of recovery.

Physio clinic

Jamie visited a physio clinic in Ipswich today which involved a 4 hour round trip and 2 hours treatment including laser treatment as photo above.
No-one has been able to identify 100% whether Jamie has broken his scaphoid as yet and he is due for more xrays at the local hospital in Kettering on Monday. He has to wear a splint and rest the wrist completely for the best chance of being fit to ride at Snetterton. The Perrin Team are staying positive and hoping for a quick recovery for Jamie. Many thanks for all the positive messages on Facebook.

Oh dear...

Shots captured of the landing of Jamie's high side........this unfortunately put Jamie out of the races at Knockhill for yet another year.....

Knockhill Update 

We are all really gutted as Jamie isn't going to make the races this weekend, the Knockhill bad luck has hit again with a suspected broken wrist. We are all wishing for a speedy recovery for Jamie.
After difficult practice sessions yesterday, the circuit finally clicked for Jamie and today's qualifying looked much more positive with lap times varying between positions 1st and 6th on the grid but unfortunately a damp patch at turn 3 resulted in a high side and the end of the weekend for team Perrin. 
We will keep the website updated as and when we have more information.

Snetterton Test 

Latest information from Team Perrin

After a few weeks break Team Perrin went to Snetterton for the official 2 day BSB test.
 The bike ran well and Jamie appears happy with the adjustments made since Brands Hatch, hopefully these will put him in contention this coming weekend up at Knockhill, last years meeting was a huge disappointment as mechanical problems stopped Jamie from racing and valuable points slipped away, which proved costly at the end of the season.
We all hope for 2 good races and a good haul of points at the weekend, if you are attending the meeting please stop by and say hello, it is always a pleasure to meet Jamie’s followers whether old or new.

Team Perrin

Brands Hatch Indy Round 3

I had kept my hand in by going motocross the weekend before Brands, where I had a surprise neighbour... Josh Brookes. 

Watching the weather for the weekend it was hard to tell although it appeared to be forecast for another wet weekend. This did not intrigue me in any way shape or form as I am desperate for dry track time to get my bike fully set up as I had no winter testing.

As each session rolled up the weather stayed on my side apart from the sprint race on Saturday although it was worrying enough that my cart went over to pitlane on several occasions with wets and intermediates loaded on it. 

The sprint race brought extremely tricky conditions as although it was red flagged and declared a wet race the tarmac was totally dry. Very scary when your going round though with rain drops falling onto your visor. After making a lot of changes within practice and qualifying I was relatively happy with my race set up, also learning a new line around paddock hill. So I started on the grid for the sprint race in 11th position and took the chequered flag in 8th place. Apart from the dodgy conditions, it was a fairly uneventful race.

Sunday morning warm up was unusually red flagged, so was very short and then a long wait with the clouds gathering set me panicking for a wet race but luck held out and it stayed dry. I started in 11th place for this race also, lost touch with the front pack but had a good battle with some of the old evo boys and finished in 10th.

Once again another weekend of top 10 finishes, the team and myself are happy but I always want better and I am really looking forward to hopefully dry Snetterton 2 days of testing to really get to grips with my 2016 bike.

Thanks to everyone that supports me - the £100 donation that I received at Brands from Stephen Shepherd, the couple who bought a second lot of team Perrin #75 hats for their children and Desborough Gas Showroom for the pair of tyres.

Thank you to Go Racing Developments for the ongoing support and patience of Mark and Brian from Global Doors for coming along to support me on the weekend and bringing new friends into the paddock.

Breaking news of latest support

Jamie was thrilled to hear that his application to Northamptonshire Community Foundation was successful and he has received a grant of £500 towards his 2016 campaign.
Many thanks to all concerned and Jamie hopes to continue to attract local funding.

Oulton Round 2

After leaving Oulton Park test day on the 22nd April I was relatively comfortable with the work completed and set up and information for the bike ready for the meeting on 30th April - 2nd May. The sessions were damp and very cold but sticking to the middle of the day gave us the information we were looking for. 

I set off for Oulton Park feeling less than confident with the weather conditions that I had been watching for over a week that were forecast for the race weekend, they ranged from temperatures in the minus to heavy rain and snow. Setting up the gala tent the weather conditions didn't disappoint the forecast I had been watching and the strong winds made it very difficult. Heavy rain soon followed which set the precedent for the weekend. Hats off to all you spectators in tents in the public mud bath (camp site). 

Day 1 practice sessions - I didn't go out for the first session and the second session chose the wrong tyres for the weather conditions, so I was not particularly happy or feeling confident at the end of that day. Went to bed praying for blue skies and sunshine for day 2, unfortunately this did not happen and the qualifying once again ended up being wet. I was floating between 6th and 12th place, and came into pit lane to have a conversation about settings on the bike so was only left with time to do a couple of flying laps during which time I had dropped back and would be starting the race in 19th place.

Race 1 - watched the weather closely all day going between wet and dry, had every tyre on warmers hoping that the right choice would be made for the track conditions but ended up with wet tyres to start the race which became a drying track towards the latter end of the race. Once again tyre issues caused me to drop back from 14th to 17th with lap times giving me a grid position of 25th for the feature race on Monday which I was bitterly disappointed with.

Studying the weather forecast again looked like a dry warm up and hopefully a dry race too. Both of these came to fruition and both outings went well for me. I was able to get to work and make my way through the pack finishing in 7th place. As a small family team we were once again extremely pleased to be running towards the front of the field, running at this pace on a shoe string is not easy. 

Extremely grateful to Lora Allison for her donation and everyone else that stopped by the awning and supports me. Looking forward to hopefully a dry and sunny Brands and hope that more of you will pop round for a cup of tea. I also have some signed hats for a small donation!! 

Thanks to all of the team, all of my supporters and sponsors.

Silverstone Race Report

It sounds like it was a traumatic set up for Bren, Dree, Jane and Chris (thanks all). All last minute jobs done on the bike ready for my two free practice sessions on Friday. Unfortunately after a red flag incident due to track contamination my first practice was a bit of a disaster as I was on my out lap when the flag came out and the session was cancelled after this due to the organisers trying to keep to the original timetable. Right then I was all geared up for free practice 2 as I was desperate for some dry track time to finally try out my new bike!!! This still didn’t fair too well for me due to more damp conditions.

Okay so better luck on day 2 surely... time for my qualifying, this brought in between weather conditions with the track still being relatively wet at the start of the session but it had dried out by the end we didn’t make the best tyre decisions throughout and by the time the track was dry and I had my dry tyres in I only had time for 1 flying lap which placed me 16th on the grid for this afternoons race. 

Race 1 wow well where do I start this started relatively well and it was dry!!! But after a few laps there was an incident which meant the safety car came out. Shortly after the session was red flagged and in the time we sat in pit lane waiting for a restart it began to rain which meant time was given to change our tyres and it was now a wet race. We returned to the grid for a quick restart and completed a few laps when the session was red flagged again, unfortunately this happened twice more which caused the cancellation of the race. Which I was happy about due to the conditions. 

Sunday I woke up to glorious blue skies, hallelujah and was informed that the track was dry and no rain was forecast for the day. Completed 10 minute warm up session with no incidents and the first time I had actually ridden the bike in the dry, looked forward to the race all day. 

The final grid saw me move up three places to 13th on the grid, the race went without hiccup and I was happy to finish in 6th place for the first race on my new bike in the new Supersport class. After looking at the timing sheets it was also noticed that I was the 1st privateer which we are all really pleased about as we are a small family run team this means a lot to us. I gained some valuable track time and looking forward to improving as the season moves on. Good solid start - 10 points. 

Thank you very much to all of my helpers and supporters.

Testing testing...

Picture from the garage at Silverstone last week at the BSB test I also went to the test at Donington.

These days didn't quite go to plan for me, due to damp track conditions at Silverstone this meant I did not get as much track time as I would have liked. At Donington Park I went out in the first session on scrubs to get warmed up. Came in, set the bike up ready for the second session to get some lap times in but unfortunately launched the bike and myself into the Derbyshire countryside, joining the Craner Club. As they say, there are two types of riders ones that have crashed at Craner curves and the ones that are going to crash at Craner curves. The damage to the bike brought our day to an end.

I am feeling positive for the weekend and looking forward to being back in the paddock after what feels like a long winter. 

Looking forward to seeing everyone at round 1 please come and visit us in our awning in the paddock, it's always great to see supporters and getting to know new people.

We'll be keeping the website updated throughout the BSB weekends so keep an eye out for any new information that myself and the Perrin Racing team will be posting.

Getting down and dirty over the winter.

Our new R6 waiting for Go Racing's magic touch.

On Friday March 18th at a test day at Brands Hatch I saw my 2016 Supersport bike for the first time. This was because it was collected from Tinklers February 8th and delivered straight to Mark Sadler, GoRacing Developments by my mum and dad.
We awoke at Brands Hatch to a cold wet damp track with a mist over the circuit, which was disappointing as we had had some sunny days in the week prior to going.
We decide to sit in the garage and see what the middle of the day brought when we had heard that the track temperature was only 5 degrees.
I was very nervous to ride the new bike but after a couple of laps I felt very comfortable like I had never been away from the track.

The rest of the day went with no problem until the sun started to go down and the temperature dropped so we decided to play safe and call it a day and wait until the BSB test day at Silverstone on March 29th. This is blog 1 of 2016 and I hope that you follow me for the BSB season of 2016 watch here for inside stories of my journey.


Will see Jamie Perrin Racing making a serious Supersport Championship challenge.
Jamie will benefit from having a brand new bike and is working hard to attract sponsors and supporters.
Globaldoorsltd have announced they will be continuing to support Jamie and Mark Sadler from GoRacing Developments will continue to work with Jamie.
Jamie has also secured more support to ensure that he has a fully competitive bike with funding to ensure that necessary re-builds can take place across the season to avoid breakdowns.
An example of support could be toward the tyre bill.
This is approximately £1500 per meeting, payment of this for a round would secure 2x weekend passes with hospitality throughout the day enabling access behind the scenes to see what is involved in a weekends racing.

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